The Best Way To Learn

I’ve read that the best way to become a good writer is to become a good reader. And that the best way to learn is to teach. With that in mind I’m starting this blog. Welcome.

My name is Tim. I’m a 30-something Head of Product and Design at a technology startup in New York City. Every day I wake up, grab a coffee, squeeze unto a subway car and speed into Manhattan. I spend my days sketching at whiteboards and leading conference calls—shifting between user experience and five-year strategy. I do love my job. But every day is intense.

I consider myself a maker. I studied printmaking in undergrad and then ran a gallery for a few years. I had a my own art studio. It was messy and I used my hands to make things. I experimented, I learned, and I failed. It was satisfying. And tangible. Yes, it’s fun to see people use the apps I’ve built, and my company, Canary, really is changing lives. It feels good. And yet, I’ve failed to replicate that feeling I had in my studio since I began building with pixels and screens. So, over the past year I’ve challenged myself to learn new skills and make things with my hands again. I bought a sewing machine and botched a few quilts. I took courses on soap making and wheel-thrown pottery. But nothing compares to learning to make soy candles.

At the surface it’s simple. Buy some wax. Melt some wax. Place a wick. Pour some wax. Wait 24-hours. And there you go. Serenity. It’s easy to make good candles. But, it’s not easy to make great candles. And it’s even harder to find a good resource to help you along the way. I bought five or six books. They were poorly written and not detailed. I bought multiple starter kits and they were a good way to begin. But I wanted a true resource. One that would help me make great candles. I never found it.

And that’s why we’re here. I love learning new things and I want to share my journey. I’m going to create for myself a course on soy candle making. I’m going to share what I learn. As I learn it. I’m not trying to start a million dollar candle business. I just want to make great candles. And I want you to make great candles too. I’ll make the course I wish existed. I’ll share my successes, my failures, and my learnings.

I hope you can learn from my journey. If you’re interesting in following along and receiving periodic updates. Sign up for the Insiders email list. You’ll be the first to read new posts before they get posted.